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Our flagship product, StablePAVE HD is an excellent choice for larger residential or light duty commercial applications such as municipal car parking.

StablePAVE HD is a black, purpose designed, fully interlocking honeycomb structure for the stabilisation, containment and reinforcement of natural gravel surfaces. It is the most robust of the StablePAVE product group and can be used in all light to medium vehicular and pedestrian applications, including constant access commercial or municipal car parking.

StablePAVE HD is produced in 1190mm x 795mm panels which are 38mm deep and can be easily cut to fit any shape or size. The secure interlocking facility provides immense stability and enhanced lateral loading resistance. This provides a much more robust and durable gravel surface and increases its suitability for heavier, regular traffic.

LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT (Breeam compatibility)

As with all our StablePAVE products, StablePAVE HD is manufactured in Europe from 100% recycled materials. The product can be fully recycled in itself, which leads to an ultra-low carbon footprint in production, use and disposal.
When used with traditional local, natural aggregates, the StablePAVE HD system offers a significant contribution to beneficial BREEAM ratings in the landscaping and external works around your building. The contribution can be further enhanced by the utilisation of re-cycled decorative aggregates.


StablePAVE HD provides a free draining permeable gravel layer and the reinforcing structure prevents rutting, restricts gravel migration. The design criteria for the product was to create a surface that can accommodate heavier vehicles up to and including emergency and utility access. The additional lateral load resistance from the interlocking design makes StablePAVE HD particularly suitable for heavy small wheeled maintenance or utility plant vehicles, horse boxes and other high point loading wheeled vehicles.

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